Have you sorted your wedding entertainment yet?

Often when planning a wedding in Warwickshire, you will have a load of ideas of what may constitute to a good all round day. One important thing to consider is the wedding receiption. Whether your having your wedding in one of the great manors or country parks that Warwickshire has to offer or going a bit higher class and deciding on Warwick or Kenilworth Castle, you can be sure of one thing, a lot of the guests will be looking forward to the evening recieption. Recent surveys carried out by entertainers, wedding planners and venues in Warwickshire found that one of the things people remember the most is the entertainment.

Just a few ideas for your wedding entertainment in Warwickshire.

Big Wedding Band, Soul Band or Wedding Singer


Ranging from your general cheesey wedding singer through to covers bands and big soul bands, theres something for everyone when it comes to your wedding entertainment. You can often get carried away with the wedding and forget this is what people may enjoy the most. A big soul focused wedding band for Stratford Upon Avon will help you to plan out everything you need for your receiption. A wedding singer might come with a simple microphone and play some classics but a big soul band will enjoy a large choreographed performance, with singers, dancers and sometimes even their own backdrop. It might not be cheap to get good wedding entertainment organised but search around and when you’ve heard some of the musicians out there you will see how it is worth every penny. If your not going down the route of a musician then check out some unique wedding band ideas at pure volume. This should give you a good idea of what you have to consider when hiring that special group to entertain your guests.


Perhaps a little less convenitonal, this is however, often a good idea if you have small guests attending. Younger guests probably won’t be interested in evening entertainment via musicians. Magaicians can often lighten the mood and amaze your guests, elderly guests are more likely to appreciate a magician than entertainment which might be to much for them. Hiring a magacian is also often a more budget friendly solution, they will not be as high maintenance as other entertainment solutions since they will not require a PA and bring their own props. Talking to your magician before your wedding will benefit you since you can talk about the kind of magic tricks they might perform and if you are choosing Warwick castle as your wedding venue, the tricks could even be performed outside your wedding! Just imagine the doves flying into the blue sky above the castle on your fairytale wedding day!

Other wedding entertainment ideas

Depending on your descision to get married you might consider having something less convential. If your one of the few people who decide to get married at Twycross Zoo then you might want to consider something else that no one may have thought of. The main decision you will have to make is whether you want a muscian or general entertainer to take centre stage.

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