Warwick Castle and Why it’s a Perfect Backdrop For Your Wedding

If you’ve ever dreamed of a lavish, fairytale wedding in a spectacular location, Warwick Castle is just what you’re looking for. The historic castle in Warwickshire, UK is 1,100 years old, and has been the scene for hundreds of weddings and special events through the ages. The wedding ceremony and wedding breakfast or reception at the castle will make you feel as though you’ve been transported back to the 14th century.

A Medieval Themed Wedding


Celebrate your nuptials at the castle in a memorable way with a medieval themed wedding ceremony and reception. The staff at the castle will help you plan an authentic menu that could even include a roasted pig, venison, or veal, and suggest authentic floral arrangements for the reception.

In addition to the traditional meats, breads, cheeses, nuts, and tarts compliment the feast. Bride, groom, and wedding party dress in medieval costume, and the bridal bouquet is created of wildflowers and herbs, which were traditional in the 17th century. You and your guests will enjoy the medieval entertainment throughout the reception.

A Perfect Backdrop for Wedding Photos


Photography by Lee Glasgow Warwickshire Wedding Photographer

The elaborate State dining room at Warwick Castle features gilded walls, and priceless paintings in opulent, gold frames decorated with cherubs. A massive, Italian crystal chandelier hangs from the center of the hall. It’s a spectacular setting for the wedding ceremony and formal photos.

The conservatory terrace, gardens and fountain are ideal for photos of you and your wedding guests following the ceremony. The conservatory overlooks the famous River Avon. The gardens at the castle are beautifully landscaped and provide the perfect backdrop. There isn’t a lovelier setting for entertaining your wedding guests on a summer evening than in the Peacock Garden. The castle lit up at night is a dramatic backdrop for a formal bridal portrait.

The Pageant Field is the perfect location for a summer evening wedding. A marquee set up along the river can be customized with lighting and decorations that you choose, and provides the perfect setting for a large celebration. The atmosphere of the castle changes from day to evening, and a late afternoon wedding with a reception that lasts late into the evening provides the opportunity for photos of you and your bridal party, with the castle and spectacular sunset in the background.